excercise for intimacy

Experiential Exercises Teach You How To Love Intimately

excercise for intimacy

Exercise To Intimacy

Experiential exercises possess immense power, yet only a few people realize it and fewer know how to use it. Those who do, however, can tap into the positive energy in their bodies, which makes them feel healthier in body, mind, and soul.

By engaging in these exercises, negative thoughts are eliminated, and positivity emanates from them. They exude positive energy that strengthens their relationships and makes them more intimate. These individuals have a buoyancy to their step, do not easily become depressed, and enjoy life much more.

Experiential workshops

There are groups in your area that hold experiential workshops that last a week or a month, teaching breathing and body exercises.

Most of these are group exercises, and individuals are required to follow the group leader or the trainer. You will also find residential workshops that provide healthy food to cleanse participants’ systems of toxins — the result is an explosive experience.

Participants enter as tired, stressed-out individuals but emerge full of energy.

The exercises are backed by healing sessions that aim to dissolve fears, guilt, and shame about sex. Movement, music, creative art, breathing exercises, hypnotherapy, and meditation are utilized to convey most messages. The atmosphere exudes intimacy and playful sharing. Individuals learn not only about their bodies but how to derive greater pleasure from them.

Breathing exercises and meditation

Breathing exercises and meditation serve to eliminate toxins and negative feelings from the body and generate positive energy.

The former achieves this by driving out carbon dioxide from the body, replacing it with oxygen. Energized cells generate more energy that charges up individuals, making them feel alert, energetic, and raring to go.

Meditation relaxes the body muscles, removes stress, and eliminates negative thoughts, focusing individuals on positive images. This relaxation leads to contentment and improves their love life.

The soft touches

Teachers of experiential exercises encourage soft touches or activities that touch the senses.

This is why the exercises are conducted with a background of soft music, which washes over participants, cleansing them and touching their emotional chords, making them feel better. Participants are asked to draw to allow their unconscious mind to express itself, making them aware of their subconscious thoughts, purging negative ones.


Experiential exercises teach self-acceptance, making individuals understand that a healthy body is the gateway to a healthy mind and soul, and accept themselves for who they are.

As a result, they become better human beings, improving their lives significantly. However, it takes years of training to move from the physical to the spiritual level, and individuals need to cleanse their bodies and minds of all negativity, such as thoughts and acts pertaining to pain, violence, jealousy, hate, and anger, before they can advance.

Nevertheless, individuals should celebrate the coming together of body, heart, and soul, as it can internalize the pleasures of love, allowing them to reach out to their partners more fully, bringing more fulfillment to their sexual lives. They will find that the union of bodies will not generate feelings of shame or guilt because the experiential exercises will have purged these feelings. Each union will bring more joy and intimacy.

If individuals have not yet experienced the power of experiential exercises, they should try it as it has the potential to change their lives — forever.


  • Cassandra Marie Lee

    Cassandra Marie Lee is a highly regarded relationship and sex therapist with over two decades of experience in the field. Cassandra's approach to therapy is grounded in empathy and non-judgment, and she strives to create a safe and comfortable space for her clients to explore their sexuality and improve their overall well-being.

Cassandra Marie LeeExperiential Exercises Teach You How To Love Intimately

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